Your horse’s in-flight accommodation comes in the form of a state-of-the-art Jet Stall.

The Jet Stall size is dependent on the level of comfort you wish to provide, much like flying “Coach”, “Business Class” or “First Class”. Since we utilize the Triple Jet Stalls on our aircraft which accommodates up to three horses, you have three options:


    This is the most cost-effective option. Your horse is in a single (standing) stall and enjoys the companionship of two neighbors. This option measures approximately 57×230 centimeters or 23×91 inches.


    Dividers are re-arranged to create two “Double Stalls”. This allows your horse to stand wide and travel more comfortably. Your horse will have one additional neighbor. This option is very similar to traveling in a stall and a half in a tractor trailer. This option measures approximately 114×230 centimeters or 45×91 inches.


    Dividers are removed so that you horse can enjoy the entire Triple Jet Stall all on its own. This option measures approximately 171×230 centimeters or 68×91 inches.