From barn to destination, the Dutta Corp has grown a loyal and grateful customer base worldwide. Our expertise and attention to detail is well known throughout the horse world.

We take great care to listen to what our customers want, and for this reason, we are considered to be the best at what we do. The horses that fly with us are treated with the utmost respect and care as the Dutta team knows how special horses are to their owners. Our customers are made to feel special and are always able to contact one of the Dutta team on a matter that may be troubling them.

The Dutta Corporation offers a personalized concierge style service that accommodates the differing needs of all.

We give the utmost care and personal touch to each and every horse and animal that is shipped with us. We look after every little detail from the barn to destination.

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Cathy Martin with dressage champion Laura Graves
Cathy Martin with dressage champion Laura Graves

Our expert staff and grooms take care of you and your horse from start to finish.

Your horse will never be left unattended during their time with us.

You can rest assured that an expert member of our team will be there to look after your horse on every step of the journey. They will listen and take note of any little idiosyncrasies you may wish them to know about with regard to your animal.

Meet the Dutta Team Members

Even at the busiest airports, every movement of your animal is orchestrated with maximum care and safety.

On board, your animal is constantly monitored to ensure they enjoy comfort and relaxation.

A Dutta team member travels in close proximity so that no problem goes unnoticed. We pride ourselves on our capability to run the smoothest of operations to maintain a calm environment for your animal.

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Take a look at what our clients have to say:

At Von Martels Dressage, our horses are part of our family. Their comfort, safety and well-being are our top priority on every occasion. When the horses travel, we want to know that that same standard of care, that attention to detail and that focus on their needs are being met to ensure that they arrive in the best shape possible. The Dutta Corporation has been our choice for international transport of our horses for nearly ten years. They have taken time to know us, to know our horses and to provide top quality service and care every single time. Their knowledge, expertise and true passion for the horse give us the confidence that they are “on our team”, making our horses a part of their family too! Thanks to everyone at the Dutta Corporation!

Chris Von Martels
Chris von Martels
Canadian Dressage Team Member

Dutta Corp and its staff go above and beyond to make sure your equine companions get to where they need to go safely! Their top priority is the horses happiness and well-being and I’ve experienced that first hand! Having a mare who doesn’t like to fly, I trust their professional grooms to make the trip easier for her.

Kasey Perry
Kasey Perry
United States Olympic Dressage Team Member

I want to make sure I give a very special thank you to every employee at The Dutta Corp for getting me, Weslee and all that I own some 4000 miles. They all took the greatest care to ensure we were both safe and happy. You have my deepest gratitude. We are finally home again! Cheers!

Catherine Ann

Thank you so much for taking care of Ernie and Magi and their grooms in N.Y. Always perfect!

Steffi Wiegard
Groom to Isabelle Werth, German Dressage Team member