The Dutta Corporation New Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offset Program

First-of-its-kind Offering for Horse Owners to Support New Climate Projects and USEF High Performance Programs


Offset Greenhouse Gases

Owners now have an option to offset their horse’s GHG by contributing to their horse's flight for $99. The effort will help provide Native with the funding necessary to launch new climate projects such as From Waste to Fuel: Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Mexico, which helps subsidize the cost of biodigester and cookstove systems to help farmers avoid methane emissions by turning manure into clean fuel (eliminating the emissions from the manure AND from the carbon-based fuels they would have been using). The process also creates organic (chemical-free) fertilizer.

Our Partners

We are partnering with USEF and Native, a certified B Corp ranked the world’s best company specializing in carbon offset projects, on this new climate action program believed to be the first of its kind in equestrian sports.

Image of Mexico Carbon Credit

Why this project? So many of our grooms and other support staff come from Mexico and this will help their country while combating climate change everywhere. After this project, we will move on to other new environmental health projects that do not currently exist, eliminating even more emissions!

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A portion of every contribution to the effort will be donated to USEF in support of USEF High Performance programs. Your support helps cover the expenses of fielding a team to represent the United States in international competition.