The Dutta Spirit

"We Give Horses Wings"

The Dutta Corporation is an international and domestic horse shipping company founded by J. Tim Dutta. It has been expanding rapidly since its inception in 1988 and particularly so in the last twenty years.

Tim, the owner and creator of the company, had a vision of how his company should provide a top-class equine air freight service worthy of its precious clients. With his deep knowledge of both the equine and business worlds he set about combining a structure that has the well-being of the horse at its core. This ethos has proved extremely successful with the company’s reputation growing and overtaking other comparable shipping companies.

The Dutta Corporation is constantly seeking new and improved methods in order to satisfy each and every client’s desire. We ensure the best care possible is supplied to accommodate the multiple needs of horse and owner – to help them transition to a new environment with minimum disruption.

It doesn’t matter if the horse is a world champion or a personal champion, they are all equal when traveling Dutta-style.